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Listing ID Category   Title Location
307750 Lost: Computers, Tablets, iPadsSamsung Tablet at DFWBerlin, Berlin. 10623 
305931 Lost: Electronic - Miscellaneous OtherKindle 3G green case 
302055 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and Binoculars3 sunglasses, 1 basecap Berlin, Berlin. 12527 
301765 Lost: Kitchen ItemsClear Acrylic TumblerImmenstaad am Bodensee, Baden-W. 60601 
299058 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoLarge black Casio Camera and small silver Sony Camera Mnchen, Bayern.  
297299 Lost: ElectronicsHTC One Mini 2 in grau verlorenBerlin, Berlin. 10405 
297298 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, PhonesHTC One Mini 2 in grau verlorenBerlin, Berlin. 10117 
295997 Found: WalletBlack leather wallet foundBerlin, Berlin. 10115 
295652 Lost: ElectronicsRed Camera left in Car with License DR6W318Kln, Nordrhein-Westfalen. 51789 Lindlat 
289459 Lost: Computers, Tablets, iPadsAPPLE I PADFrankfurt am Main, Hessen. 60385 
288751 Found: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, PhonesSmartphoneWorms, Rheinland-Pfalz. 67547 
285147 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsSunglasses 
284160 Lost: Personal AccessoriesPASSPORTS LOSTBonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen. 53119 
276326 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoDigital Camera, 60D with lens and strapHeidelberg,  
278020 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoDigi cam sonyAichach, Bayern. 86551 
270809 Found: Rings - Engagement, WeddingGold wedding ring - HeavyBonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen. 53117 
270484 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoBlack Canon Digital CameraBerlin, Berlin. 10365 
272420 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoSmall black digital cameraSkokie (or niles or chicago), Sachsen. 01099 
271819 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoCanon camera Berlin, Berlin. 10557 
269672 Lost: WalletBlack Leather WalletAbtsbessingen, Thrin. Chicago Illinois 60603 
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